Starfish Kittens CFAEmail:

phone: 201-614-5179

Starfish Kittens is a kitten rescue dedicated to serving orphan infant kittens called “bottle-babies” because they require bottle feeding care. Kittens under the age of 1-month are unable to feed on their own and sadly they perish if not provided with the care they require. These babies are lucky if they find their way to a rescue or individual that can help them; they need special and often critical care if they are to survive without mother cat. STARFISH KITTENS is a safe haven for orphan infant kittens who otherwise do not have a dedicated place where they can receive the specialized care they require. STARFISH KITTENS is devoted to the rescue, foster, medical care and adoption of bottle-baby kittens.

STARFISH KITTENS solves the wide-spread problem of there being no safe place for infant orphan kittens. Every year kittens are found or picked up by Animal Control and they have no designated place to be routed to for the care they need. STARFISH KITTENS works with fellow rescues, shelters and the community at large to respond to requests for rescue of kittens up to approx 2-months old. [When contacted for help with kittens older than 2-months, we refer to alternate local rescues for help. STARFISH KITTENS exists to specifically care for bottle-baby kittens.]

When bottle-babies are provided the care and resources they need, they develop into healthy, happy, well socialized felines. STARFISH KITTENS provides the special care these babies require to transform them from likely-to-die creatures into healthy adoptable companions.

Ready to adopt, healthy, social kittens are high in demand by the public and STARFISH KITTENS serves as a responsible resource for filling this need. Through the commitment of foster care, foster-to-adopt agreements and adoptions, STARFISH KITTENS places healthy, vetted kittens in loving homes and carefully manages their care up through Spay/Neuter at or by 6-months old.

STARFISH KITTENS serves as a resource for infant kittens in their time of need and as a good steward of their care up through adoption. STARFISH KITTENS remains a resource for adopters for life, both to ensure the wellbeing and quality care of adopted kittens and to cultivate continued financial contributions to further fund the work that STARFISH KITTENS performs.