Crossed Paws Rescue is a 501 C3 all volunteer animal rescue and adoption organization based in NJ run by Monica Sinforosa and Ilse Singer. We are dedicated to providing humane care and shelter for abandoned, abused and unwanted animals, finding them suitable new homes, and increasing public awareness on the responsibilities of pet ownership throughout the tri state areas. We also work to save the lives of cats and dogs slated for euthanasia at Animal Control facilities and Shelters. We are advocates of TNR and work closely with ferals. We also help create and manage controlled feral colonies.

CPR operates without a physical facility or paid staff. Our funds come from donations within the rescue community and private individuals. Our animals are in CPR approved foster homes until a suitable adoptive home is found. We use a detailed application and interview process in an effort to make the best match between the animal and an adoptive home.  If for some reason the adoptive animal does not work out in their new home, it is required that our animals be returned to us so that we can place them back with their dedicated foster parent/s to ensure they will never wind up abandoned or in the shelter system.

All CPR pets are current with shots, testing; spayed or neutered, if not already and have been thoroughly examined by a vet before being adopted.

Please visit our petfinder site to see all our wonderful rescue animals. 

We are in dire need of foster homes in NJ, NY, CT, PA and DE.  If you would like to help us help more animals, please contact us directly at