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533 Giles Ave.

Middlesex, NJ 08846


Paws for Peace is a non-profit organization established to practice and promote Trap, Neuter, and Return, a humane and effective method of managing community cats. We believe that every cat deserves a loving home, but for those who are not so fortunate, TNR is the only proven method to help alleviate the problem of overpopulation in homeless cats. While we are not a rescue or adoption group, we hope to make the lives of all community cats better by fostering respect for them and cultivating an environment where people and cats can live together in peace.

Our goals are to:

  • Reduce the population of homeless cats by preventing their unrestrained breeding
  • Prevent the spread of disease by vaccinating community cats
  • Promote responsible management of community cats, with an emphasis on Trap, Neuter, and Return
  • Raise awareness among humans of our responsibilities to our animal companions, especially the obligation to spay and neuter our pets