Somerset, New Jersey
Website: http://www.rogersrescues.com

Rogers’ Rescues,Inc. is an all volunteer organization devoted to rescuing highly adoptable dogs from high-kill shelters and finding them lovable forever homes. We currently adopt dogs out to New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. The group was founded in June of 2002 and to date (10/03) has saved over 170 dogs.What we do:

We remove dogs from high kill shelters and place them into permanent, loving homes. In many cases the dogs are at high risk of being “put down” or may already be scheduled. There are several out of state shelters that we routinely “pull” dogs from.

We contact the shelters and put a “hold” on the largest number of dogs we can possibly foster. Once the dogs are on hold, we can schedule a transport. Transports are accomplished through the collective efforts of rescue groups, shelters and individuals active in dog rescue. The coordination of transports can be tricky as they require the cooperation of many people. Once the dogs arrive they go immediately into the care of our volunteers where they are fostered until we can find them them suitable homes.

We are a VIRTUAL SHELTER, we have no facility or kennel. All of the adoptable pets are currently living in the homes of our volunteers where they’re being loved and treated as members of the family.

While in foster care the rescued dogs are vetted, house trained, evaluated, socialized and if need be, obedience trained. When you adopt a dog from Rogers’ Rescues, you are preventing the death of a dog in a very direct way. It’s as if you went to the shelter yourself and rescued a dog from certain death. When one of our rescued dogs is adopted, the space and resources required to care for that dog are freed up and we are able to rescue another one. In addition to that, when you adopt a dog from Rogers’ Rescues there are no surprises. The dog has been evaluated, socialized, tested for aggressive behavior, vetted, is flea and parasite free, clean, healthy, altered and well on their way to being, if not completely, house trained. We are a highly successful rescue and are quickly gaining momentum.

In most cases we have a turnaround time of two weeks or less. That allows us to do large shelter pulls two or more times a month and the more volunteers we have, the larger the pulls.

We are dedicated to making a difference and dream of the day when animals are no longer sentenced to death simply because no one loved them.

Contact Information:

Please e-mail rogers_rescues@yahoo.com with any questions

For more information on Rogers’ Rescues, please visit our websites:www.rogersrescues.com