Source: Humane Society Legislative Fund


Every time you enter the marketplace, you vote for or against animals with your spending. Choose cosmetics and cleaning products not tested on animals. Adopt dogs, or cats from rescues or shelters, don’t buy animals from pet stores and never keep a wild animal for a pet. Avoid fur, exotic leathers, and the other cruel products of the commercial wildlife trade.


There is no substitute for organized, collective action for animals. Animal organizations rely on your support to advocate for progress in the realms of public and corporate policy and to foster greater understanding of humane issues. They mobilize their members and supporters to build awareness, to advance their campaigns, to provide direct care for animals and to apply pressure on lawmakers, corporations, and other decision-makers.


Contact lawmakers at the local, state, and federal level about pending animal welfare proposals. Enacting laws against malicious animal cruelty, animal fighting, killing marine mammals, stopping extreme confinement of farm animals, and banning trophy hunting of carnivores has been transformative for animals. So have laws encouraging positive protections and advances for animals, such as non-animal methods of research, humane technological innovation, and related measures. Public officials will act when they hear a clamor and see people demanding change. Sign up for emails alerts at


Encourage law enforcement agencies to be tough on cruelty, and press mayors, governors and other officials to enforce the law. You can also write to executive agencies, such as state and federal agriculture departments and wildlife agencies.


Make your food choices a referendum on factory farming. Nourish yourself by eating more plant-based foods, which are better for your, the planet and animals. Reduce your consumption of meat. If you eat animal products, choose those with the labeling certifications “Global Animal Partnership,” “Animal Welfare Approved” or “Certified Humane.”


Americans throw out 40% of their food (including 22% of animal products), and there are enormous costs in the form of greenhouse gas emissions and energy inputs in producing food. We could spare more than a billion animals in the U.S. alone every year just by eliminating food waste. Ask restaurants to provide appropriate portions and take what food you don’t eat home so you can eat it later. Split a plate if you and your dining companion know that will be enough for you at that meal.


The greatest antidote to cruelty is an informed citizenry. There’s so much good information on the web about animal issues – find it, access it and share it with friends and family members on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. When you give a gift, consider a book, film or some other item that encourages them to learn more about animal protection.


If you are an investor in a company, write a letter to the CEO about the importance of strong animal welfare policies. Urge its leadership to be conscientious and scrupulous about animal welfare issues and urge it to become a leader for best practices in its industry. If you are a member of a pension fund, urge its managers not to invest in companies involved with factory farming or meat processing, and if they do, ask that they strongly insist upon meaningful animal welfare policies.


Choose eco-friendly destinations for your vacations. Nowadays, such tourism drives the global economy and benefits nations whose commitment to the needs of wildlife requires habitat preservation and management, law enforcement and ranger work and other necessary services.


Adopt pets or foster them. Pick up plastic waste on beaches and in parks. Minimize and dispose of your waste carefully, since it diminishes healthy habitats for animals and can even kill them. Buy a fuel-efficient vehicle, and bike and walk more.

Benefits Of A Dog Dryer

When it comes to drying your dog, you need the right grooming equipment to help make it easier. Your dog is a special friend of the family, and you need to make sure he’s comfortable with a dog dryer. Also, it can be a great way to spend time with your pup. Here are some benefits of a dog dryer.

Good for Reducing Stress

A dog dryer is better than one human use because of the low sound. You’ll catch your dog in a soothing state because you can get these machines with a quieter engine. Some pets aren’t receptive to hair dryers because they’re very loud.

However, you can slowly introduce your pet to the sound and feel it. It can make for a weekly stress-relieving session because your dog has a chance to relax after getting washed. When your dog is calm, it can make the home energy feel much better.

More Efficient

While you may typically use towels or air dry your furry friend, it’s not the most efficient. Wet fur can lead to rashes or smelly skin. Also, the leftover can fall straight to the ground and cause a mess in your home.

Using a dog grooming dryer can save you a lot of time. You’ll get to all the spots you cleaned and get your pup dried much quicker. Not to mention, you can choose various speeds for your dog.

Choose a hairdryer that works well for your breed of dog. Also, your dog might be sensitive to certain levels of heat. It’ll be a good safety measure to have varying fan speeds to make things suitable for your dog’s tastes.

Pick high-velocity dryers that can make it easier to brush the fur later. Washing fur usually leaves it matted, which makes your little one look unkempt.

More Bonding Time

A canine blow dryer not only helps to keep the fur healthy, but it’s a great time to bond with your pet. It’s an intimate moment you get to share because you’re tending to your dog’s skin. You can give it a massage for some extra care.

Also, you can talk to your faithful friend to find out the things he likes and dislikes when you wash him. These are moments you can show your dog some love and attention that will make him build more trust with you.

9th Annual Holiday Petography/Santa Paws

Thank you, our event was a huge success!!!

Hosted by Coalition for Animals and Hunterdon Animal Rescue Team.

Where: Pet Valu at Nelsons Corner in Hillsborough
When: Saturday, December 7, 2019
Time: Santa and Paws photos 11:00 – 4:00

All children and adults are welcome to take pictures with Santa and their pets or separately.

Dogs must be leashed
Cats and other animals must come in carriers

Pictures: one 5 x 7 picture for $20.00 or two for $25.00
$20.00 for three pictures/poses via email

Cinderella Wants Your Love

Cinderella is a little more than a year old based upon the vets who have seen her. She was abandoned in East Orange and found underneath a car in May 2018. As she was very filthy, her rescuer cleaned her up and named her once her Beauty was revealed. She is about 8.5 pounds, timid, and a very sweet Calico.

Cinderella needs and wants a home of her own. We believe she was abused and very neglected. At such a young age she needs and wants that constant love she so deserves.

As Cinderella is FELV Positive, she has been quarantined since we’ve had her. She has been living in a bathroom. She loves looking out the window from her Cat Tree, napping in her covered bed, being brushed, and getting attention. She enjoys playing with her toys. Cinderella eats well and has impeccable litter box habits.

Cinderella has not been exposed to other Cats or to Dogs. Due to being timid and having FELV, she must be in a home which has no other Cats. FELV does NOT affect Dogs and humans. Cinderella is looking for her fur-ever home and a human who wants to share her Love. This little sweetheart is ready to enjoy a long healthy life with someone who is willing to take care of her.

Are you that someone?

Contact Coalition for Animals 908-369-0604

8th Annual Holiday Petography with Santa

Coalition for Animals & Hunterdon Animal Rescue Team
would like to thank all the participants who helped make Santa Paws the most successful year yet.

Please note: We will be back again at Pet Valu, Nelsons Corner in Hillsborough in 2019 the first Saturday of December the 7th.

All children are welcome to take pictures with their pets or separately.

For more information contact us at: 908-369-0604

(All monetary and pet food donations are appreciated!)