Keep Your Pets Healthy

Always give your pet both wet and dry food although dry food is optional based on your pet’s needs.

No matter how good you think your wet food is for your pet, it is still lacking in nutrients. When a human or animal become deficient in any nutrient that is when illness begins. Disease only exists with deficiencies.

It is important that your pet receives the following six nutrients in their diet to get and stay healthy.
Vitamins and minerals – Pollution, illness, improper diet, stress or the aging process can deplete animals of these much-needed nutrients.
Unless your cat or dog is eating a strict raw food diet, they are not getting enzymes in their food. The role of the enzymes is to metabolize the food for the body to utilize it. Our body’s enzymes stores run out as we grow. Without enzymes the body is not going to run for either humans or pets.

Proteins are made from only 22 building blocks called amino acids.
Taurine is an amino acid that is essential for cats but non-essential for dogs.

Probiotics play a vital role in your pet’s digestion maintenance.
How about the essential fatty acids? Just like Flaxseed is to humans, Krill oil is very important to cats and dogs.

Most pet supply stores and veterinarians sell nutrients for your pets. Purchasing any nutrients for your pets is better than giving your pet nothing. All supplements are not created equal.

When giving your pet these powdered and or liquid nutrients in their wet food, start very small. Most pets may need to get used to eating these nutrients in their food.